Increase Customer Lifetime Value
With Automated Insights

Insights You'll Get

Is your business poised for profitable growth?

Get a full overview of your most important growth KPIs. Are you on the right track?

What segments should you target?

Identify high-potential customer segments and increase the value of your customer base with RFM-targeted campaigns.


Get a bird's eye view of the characteristics of your most valuable customers and identify segments that need a little extra attention.

Who are your repeat customers?

Get a sense of the distribution of repeat customer orders and analyze the characteristics of repeat customers over time.

What segments have the highest repurchase rates?

Analyze how loyal your customers are by breaking down retention rates by different types of cohorts - not just time-based cohorts.

Which products create one-time buyers?

Which products are over-indexed among one-time buyers? See if repeat customers are doing something different.

What product should you try to cross-sell?

Find out what your customers are likely to purchase next and sort according to purchase probability or lifetime value.

Which products drive growth?

Identify which of your products drive baseline growth. Detect correlations in purchase patterns over time.

When will the customer buy again?

Track the average number of days between orders for different subgroups of customers and fine tune the cadence of remarketing flows.

Hook Customers With Your Hero Products

Identify Your Hero Products

Your conversion products are products that hook new customers and should be used in the top of your funnel.

Early LTV Growth

Good hero products increase the likelihood of subsequent repeat purchases and thus the early stage LTV growth.

Rank Products

Rabbit Insight lets you quickly rank your conversion products according to their potential for initiating repeat purchases.

Top of Funnel Strategy

Use the SKUs in the top of the list in your customer acquisition campaigns and reduce repeat purchase friction further down the customer journey.

Cohort Your Customers For Specific Actions

Beyond Temporal Cohorts

By looking at retention across different types of cohorts, you can uncover tons of insights and ideas that aren't obvious when you look at traditional temporal cohorts.

Deeper Insights

Understand which demographic to double down on when acquiring new customers and see if discounts are hurting your growth by attracting less loyal customers.

Straighforward Actions

If retention rates are higher among customers from certain advertising channels, focus on acquiring customers from those channels.

Ideas for Experiments

If retention is high for customers who buy after reading a Facebook post but low for customers who convert from paid traffic, experiment with creating more content and spending less on ads.

Identify What Customers Buy Next And Nail The Timing

The Next Order

What do your customers want to buy next? This is one of the key questions you must try to answer in order to increase repeat revenue.

Basket Analysis

Find one of your most popular first order products, and see what products are typically purchased in the same order.

Product Journeys

Rank ordered products by first order products and discover what your customers bought on their 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th order.

Order Cadence

Look up the time between orders for different products purchased and break down the order cadence for different cohorts.

Pinpoint Segments With High-Growth Potential

Customer Segmentation

Slice up your customer base into behavioral segments using RFM scores (Recency, Frequency and Monetary Value) and monitor the customers that matter.

Distribution of LTV

Get a clear overview of the distribuution of lifetime value across all segments and rank each segment agaigns the rest of the customer base.

Discover Potential

Pinpoint the high-potential customer segments you must target to move the needle in terms of changes in aggregate lifetime value.

LTV Sensitivities

Rabbit Insight quickly shows you how much you can increase the value of your customer base by targeting the individual customer segments.

Avoid Price Sensitive Customers with Smarter Discounting

The Discounting Trap

Offering discounts may increase conversions but it is not a sustainable driver of loyalty. Over the long term, the use of discounts may end up cutting into your revenue and lifetime value.

Price Sensitivity

Customers who only purchase from your brand when you offer a discount are referred to as being price sensitive. This can happen if you condition your customers to only purchase from you when you’re having a sale.

Personalized Incentives

Promotions should be considered in the context of discount elasticities. Our prescriptive AI identifies who of your customers will respond well to a given incentive.

Discount Smarter

Avoid the scatter-gun approach to discounting by identifying your price-sensitive segments that need to be incentivized by the prospect of saving money in order to be motivated to buy from you.

Target Your Customers With Surgical Accuracy & Relevance

Connect with Klaviyo

Feed Klaviyo with key properties and metrics such as LTV, RFM score and other customer attributes for easy use in your email marketing.

Trigger campaigns or flows

Rabbit Insight feeds key metrics as properties on a customer level and key events (churn trigger) as "Klaviyo Metrics"

Solve the 1-time buyer problem

Use LTV values and other attributes in your post purchase flows and calibrate the flows with the optimal cadence to increase likelihood of a second purchase.

Smart Coupon Offers

Feed discount recommendations to Klavyo for use in campaigns with coupons, in order to increase conversions without cannibalizing lifetime value.